CA Inter Income Tax Courses


CA Inter Income Tax Courses

Chapter -17

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Faculty – CA. Jassprit S Johar

Course – CA Inter Income Tax


CA Inter Income Tax

  1. HD video classes
  2. About 110 hours of extensive coaching
  3. Most comprehensive class notes & books
  4. Discussion of past examinations questions
  5. Any amendments or updates or any discussion are uploaded regularly on youtube
  6. Solving doubts and query through numerous mode of communications
  7. Direct calls
  8. Whatsapp (call & message),
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  10. Separate helpline number for technical support

CA Inter Income Tax

This CA Inter Income Tax Courses,  We have Covered 30 Concept in Income Tax Courses.

Chapter 1Introduction, Basic Concepts, and Definitions under the Income Tax Act, 1961 1
Chapter 2Residential Status & Tax Incidence 20
Chapter 3Concept & Calculation of Income Tax 43
Chapter 4Agricultural Income & Its Tax Treatment 59
Chapter 5Income under the Head Salary 70
Chapter 6Income under Head House Property 155
Chapter 7Income under the Head ‘Profits and Gains from Business and Profession’ (PGBP) 195
Chapter 8Income under the Head ‘Capital Gains’ 268
Chapter 9Income under the Head of ‘Other Sources’ 308
Chapter 10Clubbing of Incomes 326
Chapter 11Set Off of Losses and Carry Forward of Losses 336
Chapter 12Deductions from Gross Total Income (Chapter VIA of Income Tax Act, 1961) 350
Chapter 13Incomes which are Exempt from Income Tax 386
Chapter 14A procedure of Filing of Income Tax Returns 393
Chapter 15Tax Deducted at Source 405
Chapter 16 Advance Payment of Tax and Interest Payable by Assessee 424
Chapter 17Assessment of Individuals 432

CA Inter Income Tax Courses

The way of students is tough. Word “Taxation” is more frightful to a student than to a taxpayer. A reference by any person to any “Case law” or “Section” is enough to create some diffidence in the student. The complex nature of Tax Laws make the task even tougher for students who not only have to understand it but also have to apply it in a given situation.

Even though the most widely interpreted subject of “Taxation” is compendious and complex in nature, learning the same is not difficult and half of the battle with the subject is won if the student approaches the study with a positive frame of mind.

It is with this approach that we conduct our classes.

There are two types of taxes in India – direct and indirect.

A direct tax is a tax you pay on your income directly to the government. Indirect tax is a tax that restaurants, theatres and e-commerce websites charge you on for goods or a service. This tax is, in turn, passed down to the government. Indirect taxes take many forms: service tax on restaurant bills and movie tickets, value-added tax or VAT on goods such as clothes and electronics.
Goods and services tax, which has recently been introduced is a unified tax that has replaced all the indirect taxes that business owners have to deal with.


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