CA Final Exam-5 Tips To Score In CA Final Exam(May 2019)

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How to score in the upcoming CA Final Exam?

CA Exams are approaching and now all students must be in stress as for how the exams papers will be and how we will attempt it. Nowadays, we can see that even Parents are more stressed than students, causing more Depression for students.

So Guys, do not PANIC! Follow following tips to score in CA Final Exams 2018 in a better way and the positive way. Always believe in ‘Nothing is impossible’ in the world. Always remember one thing, there is no easy way to succeed, rather there is no shortcut to SUCCESS!

5 Tips To Score In CA Final Exam(Nov 2018)

1. Study the right Study Material, the right way: It is very important for you to have a Strategy where you can mark IMPORTANT TOPICS & LESS IMPORTANT TOPICS for exam point of view. This way you can give more time to practice IMPORTANT TOPICS than LESS IMPORTANT TOPICS.

We need to select these topics while we are studying these topics for the first time. So your Class Notes, past                  Question papers, Revisionary Test Papers will help you to make such a strategy.

2. Self Study Time: Always give importance to Self Study. Even if you have taken coaching from the Best faculties, still the SELF STUDY stands equally important, rather I must say more important while revising the topics.

3. Time Table: There is also an important reason to tell you about the strategy on the top. When you have less time left for exams preparation, your every single minute is very precious. You have to prepare a timetable from morning to night which you have to maintain very sincerely. Also, keep this thing in mind that you need to prepare the timetable which is doable and not a kind of timetable which no one can achieve. Your timetable should include some time to relax in between the studies.

Also, keep this thing in mind that your daily approach should be to religiously follow the Time Table, which will really motivate you to keep studying and hence achieve your goal.

4. Keep your health intact: To prepare for CA Final, you have to take care of your health because if your Mind and Body is healthy, then your focus for the Exams will be intact. To keep yourself healthy, you need a proper routine, as discussed in the previous point, should include at least 5-6 hours of sleep, 1 hour of Morning walk/exercise and of course always prefer to take the Healthy diet and skip JUNK FOOD.

5. Always have time for 2nd Revision: During your 1st Revision, you should mark all those concepts which you felt important and need a 2nd Revision before Exams. So that during your 2nd Revision, you shall not waste much time and your focus will remain only on those concepts which were difficult as per your own understanding.

“Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.” ― Paulo Coelho

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