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CA Inter SM I Sept 24/Jan 25 I Parag Gupta Sir

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  • CA Inter SM Face-To-Face/Online Live & Recorded Classes I Parag Gupta Sir.
  • CA Inter SM classes new classes for Sept 24 & Jan 25 has started. 


CA Inter SM I Sept 24/Jan 25 I Parag Gupta Sir


CA Inter SM (Strategic Management) is an important subject in the Chartered Accountancy Inter course. It focuses on developing strategic thinking, decision-making skills, and understanding the principles of business strategy.


Parag Gupta sir is one of the most experienced teachers in the CA industry and is considered the student‘s 1st recommendation for CA Inter SM classes. His classes will include 100% ICAI syllabus with real-life examples to explain all strategies including topics like corporate governance, risk management, environmental analysis, and strategic planning. 

Parag sir understands that not a single doubt is silly, so he always encourages students to ask doubts during classes and even provides after class doubts sessions through phone calls and discussion forums.

About the Course

Course Includes Video Lectures+
A question book on MCQ will be provided in the month of January.
Handwritten notes & class slides used during class slides will be provided through google drive.
Batch start date
No. of lectures Approx. 35 lectures
No. of hours Approx. 70 hours
No. of viewing hours 20% extra viewing hours on mobile app and laptop software
Modes Face-to-face classes
Live & Recorded through the Mobile app
Laptop Google Drive (Only Recorded) through Laptop software
Doubts solving Student doubt time between 4 p.m to 5 p.m
Class days and timings

System Requirement-

RUNS ON Laptop/Mobile
REQUIREMENTS Laptop: Windows 7 Ultimate & Above | 2GB RAM & Above


NOTE For laptop Students, the descent video player screen/skin size will be approximately 60% of the actual screen size of the laptop.


  • Students can take advantage of Parag Gupta’s significant knowledge and teaching experience by enrolling in his CA Inter SM Full batch. This will help them understand difficult concepts and successfully apply them in real-world situations.
  • Students will gain a complete understanding of Strategic Management, ensuring they are well-prepared for the exam and have the skills necessary to excel in their careers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in CA Inter SM from the best faculty, Parag Gupta. Enroll in the face-to-face Full batch and take a significant step towards achieving success.

To enroll in Parag Gupta sir’s CA Inter Cost & Management Accounting Classes

Frequently asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How can I study SM in CA Inter?

Best Approach for Studying Strategic Management:

1. Begin by jotting down the name of the topic in your study notebook, followed by listing as many relevant points as possible. Employ concise keywords, as research suggests that repetition and revision through writing aid in better retention of key concepts over time.

2. Emphasize Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) part as they tend to yield higher scores and there is no negative marking for them.

3. It is strongly advised to undertake multiple mock tests as part of your study plan. Engaging in these practice tests will strengthen your grasp of the subject matter, ultimately leading to enhanced performance during the actual examination.

Joining a reputed coaching institute like StudyByTech will definitely help in this regard. Here, Parag Gupta sir helps in making proper notes of concepts & gives real-life examples which helps students understand the concepts with more clarity.

2. Can SM in CA Intermediate be done with self-study?

Yes, it is possible to pursue self-study for Strategic Management (SM) in CA Intermediate. To excel in this subject, it is essential to devise a well-structured study plan that prioritizes topics based on their complexity and significance for scoring. Here’s a breakdown of the topics in terms of difficulty and scoring potential:

1. Easy and Less Complex: Focus on Introduction to SM, Strategy Implementation, and Control. These topics are relatively straightforward and contribute to attaining good scores.

2. Medium Difficulty and Scoring: Give due attention to the Dynamics of Competitive Strategy, Strategic Management Process, and Functional Level Strategies. These areas offer scoring opportunities and have to be given more preference.

3. Moderately Challenging: Tackle Corporate Level Strategies, Business Level Strategies, Organisation, and Strategic Leadership. These chapters demand additional revisions and more time investment for better comprehension.

3. How can I get an exemption for SM in CA Inter?

To obtain an exemption in the Strategic Management (SM) paper of the CA Inter, a minimum score of 60 marks out of 100 is required in the previous attempt. Meeting this criteria qualifies you for an exemption in the SM paper. To secure an exemption, it is essential to adopt a proactive approach from the beginning of your classes or preparation.

Joining Parag Gupta sir’s classes for CA Inter Costing & SM will really help you understand the concepts & excel in exams with good marks. As of now from the May 24 exams, 30% marks will be depend on MCQs, so it is better to start preparing accordingly from the beginning. One thing for your benefit, this time MCQs do not have negative marking, so you need not afraid if you are not sure about the correct options available.

Steps to ensure while preparing for CA Inter SM subject:

To enhance your performance, it is recommended to practice writing full-length papers within the specified time limit. This practice will enable you to identify areas of weakness and work on improving them effectively.

Lastly, devising a strategic approach to attempt the exam will contribute to scoring well. This may involve understanding the structure of the paper, time management during the examination, and answering questions strategically to demonstrate your knowledge effectively.

4. Who is the best faculty for CA Inter SM?

CA Parag Gupta Sir

He is India’s most popular faculty for CA Inter Costing and Strategic Management. He is a faculty at StudyByTech, leading CA coaching institute both offline and online that provides comprehensive and tailored study material for CA Inter students.

His classes has been known and recognised widely for their concept clarity and personalised attention to cater to the needs of CA aspirants.

5. How to score 60+ in CA Inter SM?

Strategic Management (SM) is widely regarded as a scoring and relatively manageable subject. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) present an excellent opportunity for scoring, given the absence of negative marking.

To prepare effectively for SM, consider the following steps:

  • Identify Past Trending Questions by analyzing previous years’ question papers.
  • Determine chapters with greater weightage in the examination and allocate more time to study these topics.
  • Identify crucial concepts and subjects that carry significant importance and concentrate on understanding them thoroughly.

During the exam, keep in mind the following key points:

  • Begin by attempting questions for which you possess a complete understanding of topic.
  • Pay Attention to Headings, Subheadings, and Visuals, as they can offer valuable insights and aid in answering accurately.
  • Enhance your answers by incorporating relevant real-life scenarios in strategic management. Demonstrating your deep understanding and knowledge of the subject through practical examples can impress the examiner.
  • By following these guidelines, you can effectively prepare for the Strategic Management paper and maximise your performance in the examination.

Additional information


No. 1 Faculty in India For Costing/ Teaching Experience 20+ yrs./ Taught more than 10,000+ Students.

1 review for CA Inter SM I Sept 24/Jan 25 I Parag Gupta Sir

  1. Neha Sharma

    Parag Gupta Sir’s CA Inter SM classes are simply outstanding! With his expert guidance and clear teaching style, I was able to grasp complex concepts effortlessly. Sir also provided MCQ practice for concepts which is very helpful for preparation and were invaluable. The interactive sessions kept me engaged and motivated throughout. Thanks to Parag Gupta Sir, I feel confident and well-prepared for my CA Inter SM exam.

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