CA Course Fees

CA Course Fees


How much is the CA Course Fees?

Chartered Accountant is India’s most prestigious job today. Being a chartered accountant opens the golden doors of your career, and you continue on the path of success. After passing 12th from any subject, students can register for CA Foundation. By becoming a CA, not only do you get a promising position, but you also get a chance to work with big companies at a good salary. CA course fees are not very expensive, and its fees have been kept very normal so that even the poorest of the poor can fulfill their dreams of becoming a CA. In this article today, we will tell you about what fees are charged in the course of Chartered Accountant, so let’s know.

The CA course fees are divided into 3 phases.

CA Foundation
CA Intermediate
CA Final

CA Foundation – CA Course Fees

The CA Foundation Course is the first stage of becoming a CA. This is the entry-level course for admission to the CA course fees. Students can apply in CA Foundation Course after passing 12th from any recognized board. For admission to CA, students can apply for CA Foundation through any medium of Hindi or English.

Number Fee Information Fee (Indian Student) Usd Fee (Foreign Student)

S.NO Course Fees Information Fees for India Fees for USD
1. Foundation Prospectscost 200 20$
2. CA Foundation Registration Fees 9000 700$
3. CA Foundation Form Fees 200 20$
4. Subscription Fees for Member’s Journal 200 20$
  Total 9600 760$

CA Intermediate- CA Course Fees

The next stage in the CA course is the CA Intermediate. After passing the CA entrance exam, students can apply for the second stage of the CA, i.e., Intermediate. There are 8 papers in this exam. and its examination takes place in May and November every year.

Sr. No. Fee Information Fees of ca course 2 Group (Indian Student) Fees of ca course 1 Group (Heavy Student) USD Fees of ca course 2 Group (Foreign Student)   Fees of ca course 1 Group
1 CA Intermediate Registration Fees 15000 11000    
2 Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate 2000 2000    
3 CA Intermediate Registration Fee as an article assistant 1000      
  Total 18000 13000 1000 600

There are two routes to apply for CA Intermediate. One is the common way in which students can bypass the CA Foundation exam. Students coming through the common route can apply to one group or both groups.

Apart from this, students who have passed graduation or its equivalent from a recognized university can apply for CA Intermediate under direct entry without passing the CA Foundation Examination. Such students can apply to one group or both groups by depositing the fees for the prospectus at the time of registration for intermediate.

To Know more about CA Foundation registration Click Here

CA Final Course Fees

The CA Final Course is the final stage of the CA Course. After passing this stage exam, you become a CA and can start your work as a CA. To apply for the CA Final Course, it is necessary to pass the CA Foundation and the CA Intermediate exams.

Sr. No.   Fee Information   Indian Student (INR) Foreign Student ($)
1 CA Final Registration Fee 22000 Rs. 1100 $

Articleship Training Fees

To apply for the CA final, along with passing the CA Foundation and CA Intermediate, it is also necessary to do 3 years of articleship training. Students can apply for the training of articles after passing 2 groups of intermediate or 1 group.

The ICAI has fixed 2,000 fees for three years of articles.

ICITSS Fees in India

After registration in CA Intermediate and before the artistry training, one has to go through the ICITSS program, in which many types of technical and other information are given.

Information Technology Program – Rs 6500

Orientation Program – Rs 7000

ACCESS Fees in India

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Students have to complete advanced information training programs and management and communication practice programs in the last 2 years of their internship training. The details of what the fees are for both of these courses are given below.

Advanced Information Technology Program – Rs. 7500

Management and communication skills – Rs 7000

We hope that you have got complete information about the fees incurred in all the three phases of the CA course and other training. Also, we hope that this information will work for your CA course. ICAI has kept CA course fees normal so that even a student from a normal family can do CA.

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