Articleship in CA and It’s Importance in the Course


Articleship in CA and It’s Importance in the Course

This article will make you aware of the importance of Articleship and why you should avoid Dummy Articleship .

You must be aware that Articleship is a mandatory part in the Chartered Accountancy course and if you are reading this article, it’s probable that soon you are going to start your articleship but confused a lot.

Are you confused about whether to join articleship in CA course or go for dummy training? Have you been guided by any of your seniors for joining your articleship?

whether you are afraid of joining the workstation at such a young age when your other friends are going to college and chilling their life with friends? Or are you getting scared from working at late nights, or handling a huge workload?

Or you might be thinking that articleship won’t allow you to score well in your CA Final Exam or you can gain such 3 years of Experience after becoming a Chartered Accountant by joining some CA firm for 3-4 months.

Do you really feel that Articleship in CA is burdensome? Or it can spoil your young age? But have you ever thought that you are pursuing Chartered Accountancy, the most respected profession in the Commerce stream? Only a few students get a chance to commence articles after qualifying its Intermediate level and you have been selected from among such few students.

TOP 4 Best CA Companies in India

Out of these, best CA companies in INDIA or we can say, top 4 CA companies have the highest reputation in which every CA student dreams of working. These best CA companies in India are E&YPWCDeloitte, and KPMG. Most students dream of getting a 3-year article-ship from top CA companies in India and then becoming a CA to get a job in these companies. Every year after the result of CA, a large number of companies hire fresher CAs.

If you are looking for a place where you will get to learn and your knowledge and experience will increase, then this is the best place for you. In these companies, CA salary in India ranges between 7 to 6 lakhs on an average. And after a few years of experience, this firm offers you up to 25 lakhs, but it all depends on your ability and your performance in the company.


Importance of Articleship in CA

Turn Into a True Professional –

3 Years are more than enough which can mold you into a true professional. The moment you become a Chartered Accountant, you will be a fresher CA with 3 years of experience. You not only possess the bookish knowledge but you possess a lot of practical experience.

Experience to Handle the Clients –

Generally, the pass out students of the other courses is very much unaware of the practical world. They know how to do the client’s work but they don’t know how to retain them or how to deal with them. This gets a benefit that as soon as you become CA, you can start your own practice and make your clients.

Help to Answer Case Studies in your Final Paper –

At the CA Final Level, ICAI demands a full-fledged Chartered Accountant who possess theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Hence, some of your papers are based on practical life-based case studies such as Auditing, Taxation, etc. Candidates who have taken their articleship very seriously get it’s a benefit in their CA Final Papers also.

Develops a Professional Attitude –

Our posture, our way to talking with the people, our presence of mind when client is asking some query but we are not aware of such thing, the way we are representing our team in front of the Board of Directors, the way we are handling the deadlines, the way we are handling the multiple tasks, and also the patience level we maintain while handling the tough situations, this all judge our behaviour, our attitude and our personality. Articleship taught us all such things.

CA articleship

Learn to Manage Time –

It has been said that if you can manage your time during articleship, you can manage anything. The schedule of a CA student during their articleship is actually beyond words. A general CA student leaves his home at 6.00 in the morning for coaching, reach sharp 10.00 AM at the office and after working all the day in the office again join the class at 6.00 in the evening as well as spend some time for self-study thereafter.

They have to manage their self-study, coaching, office, audit, meetings, deadlines, work pressure, family time and so many things, and all such at an early age. Hence, if you can manage such things properly, believe that You have learned the management.

Hope this article reduced your confusion to join the Practical Training in Chartered Accountancy. According to the top CA faculties “Articleship is a golden period” in the CA curriculum. Definitely, you have to handle the stress but more than that you will get to learn an infinite number of things. If you like the above content, kindly share your comments and share this to the maximum people so that not even a single student go for dummy articleship and spoil his career even after becoming Chartered Accountant.

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