CA Final SCMPE Best Book by Parag Sir-14th Edition


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CA Final SCMPE Best Book(CA Final Best Books for Self-study)

Best Books for SCMPE CA Final are available by India’s best faculty- CA Parag Gupta sir.

As his classes are always considered the best among students and are always in high demand by students, we have started a complimentary offer for those who purchase Parag sir’s books only.
In this offer, students can now access Parag sir’s classes for 30 hours absolutely FREE, wherein they can see any topic of their choice from the full course.

CA Final SCMPE Best Book(CA Final Best Books for Self-study)


You will get a complimentary 30 hours of regular batch classes on the StudyByTech app. And you can watch any topic on the app from the full regular batch classes.

To get this benefit, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Install the StudyByTech app on Android/iOS mobile/ tablet;

2. Create your Username on it;

3. Mail us your username at with the following text:

30 HOUR 


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Why Parag Gupta Sir Is Considered as Best Faculty for CA Final Costing?

  • Only CA Parag Gupta Books sir covers the in-depth case-study-based approach introduced by ICAI.
  • He gives equal emphasis to both numerical and subjective topics as he always focuses on the ICAI syllabus and exam pattern while teaching. 
  • He covers all updated study materials of the CA Final SCMPE Best Books and provides free additional lectures for any change or update and all RTPs, MTP, and Past examination papers are covered in a very detailed manner.
  • Every year, almost all questions of the examination are from CA Parag Gupta’s books Sir.
  • Parag Sir ensures 100% quick doubt resolution of students, hence every year Parag Sir’s students are Top scorers and a maximum of the Rank holders.

CA Final Best Books for Self Study

Regular/Normal Batch: 14th Edition(famous as CA Final self-study book for SCMPE)

Transfer Rs. 1500/- in the below-mentioned bank account and email us proof of such payment along with the “Edition of books” desired at

For further information, feel free to contact us at

We dispatch our courier usually on the same day. Although shipping via surface mode is free. For express delivery of courier, students need to pay Rs. 400 extra to the below-mentioned account details and intimate us by emailing us at

About CA Parag Gupta

CA Parag Gupta is a lecturer, entrepreneur, and examiner by profession. In the last few years, he has been consistently rated as the top lecturer for Cost Management and Operations Research. Because he is an EX-Examiner, so his tips & secrets always help students to excel in exams. His classes & books are always famous amongst Rankholders & Top scorers as almost every year most of the questions come.

He has served as a lecturer at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and other private professional institutions including Pearson, Gaap Bright, VG Learning Destination, etc. He has also worked as an examiner and observer for ICAI.

CA. Parag Gupta holds a degree in commerce from the University of Delhi. He has been awarded a Chartered Accountant degree from ICAI. He also holds a Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA) from ICAI.

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FAQ- (CA Final SCMPE Best Book)

Q. Do the 14th edition book includes all study material changes till date? Does the Case study digest and case studies related questions are included in the books?

A. Yes, the 14th edition books for CA Final Costing by Parag Gupta sir are updated as per the updated Study Material. The books include some good questions of the Case study digest. Video solutions include all questions of the Case study digest including International questions, with solutions of homework questions.

Q. What all videos I can see in 30 hours that you provide as a complimentary gift with books?

A. We will open the full course of Parag sir(the latest one) which includes the case study digest all questions, International questions, etc., and provide 30 hours in it. You can see any part of the video as per your wish in these 30 hours on our mobile app StudyByTech.


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